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Motorcycle Cancer Seat Patent Granted

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario -- The United Kingdom has granted a patent to Canadian inventor Randall Dale Chipkar for his innovative 'ELF EMF shielding motorcycle seat'. The invention is designed to shield motorcycle ELF EMF magnetic field radiation from penetrating the vital organs of riders.

"I am grateful to the UK for sharing my vision and I appreciate their recognition of this serious health concern for motorcyclists. This is a major step in my quest to protect riders worldwide," Chipkar says.

"Various types of extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiations are linked to health disorders including cancer. Millions of motorcycles generate excessive ELF EMF magnetic radiation up through the seat penetrating directly into the rider's groin and torso. The prostate is of major concern as it is one of the closest delicate glands invaded by the radiation. The colon and neighboring organs are also at risk," adds Chipkar.

Major organizations now agree that ELF EMF magnetic fields are a possible carcinogen. People should not have to gamble with their health because they love riding motorcycles. Consumer safety is priority.

"ELF EMF magnetic fields penetrate through steel and even lead. Only highly processed material can dramatically shield us from these cancer-controversial forces. With patent protection, we can now aggressively market innovative internally shielded motorcycle seats to help protect riders within the groin area," Chipkar says.

Chipkar adds, "Hopefully, this new RiderSaver™ motorcycle seat internal accessory will revolutionize the motorcycle industry to keep riders safer from ELF EMF radiation." The UK, Canada and the USA have now granted the RiderSaver™ trademark to Chipkar.

"Let's put 'true freedom' back into riding motorcycles!" Chipkar concludes.

Randall Dale Chipkar can be reached by email through the motorcycle cancer website at http://www.motorcyclecancer.com where the multiple award-winning Motorcycle Cancer Book is also available along with further information.



I am receiving worldwide support since the release of my book. Thank you for recognizing how serious this is. Everyone needs to read page 2 of this website to fully appreciate these cancer issues. Please keep the emails and stories coming. Together we can make a difference to keep riders safer.


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We give thanks to the many reporters and journalists worldwide who have the courage to bring forward this motorcycle cancer information.

Regarding proof of electromagnetic harm the updated links herein provide a comprehensive accounting from experts and doctors worldwide. Many health professionals are coming forward to contest the complacency of antiquated views regarding various electromagnetic exposures and serious health effects.

The Motorcycle Cancer Book combined with this website proves ELF EMF radiation danger for motorcyclists and this warrants rider protection worldwide. This information can only enhance the motorcycle industry for safer vehicles.

We all have to make our own choices.

Randall Dale Chipkar


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The Motorcycle Cancer Book


The Motorcycle Cancer Book won the 2011 eLIT Health/Medical Bronze Award and Silver Medal for Randall Dale Chipkar, the Health eBook Award - 2012 International Book Awards and the IBA Health: Men's Health Finalist Award.

Canadian motorcyclist Randall Dale Chipkar was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He attended the University of Western Ontario in London. Years later, Chipkar walked into a motorcycle dealership to purchase a dream bike but instead discovered excessive extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation penetrating up through the motorcycle seat.

After extensive research, Chipkar wrote Motorcycle Cancer?, also known as The Motorcycle Cancer Book, and developed the motorcycle cancer website to inform and protect consumers through awareness and precaution. Chipkar exposed the truth about cancer-controversial ELF EMF radiation flooding millions of motorcyclists worldwide.

Chipkar was then granted the patent for RiderSaver™ ELF EMF magnetic field shielding motorcycle seats to help protect riders from the radiation. He developed the Electromagnetic Pro-Ionization Principle and the International Motorcyclist Electromagnetic Safety Month Proclamation for governments to encourage the motorcycle industry for safer vehicles.

Chipkar is also the founder and sponsor of The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition to establish rider safety through rational ELF EMF emission control. The target is the World Health Organization which represents international governments and the global motorcycle industry. The goal is global unification of consumer product rational safety standards and labeling regarding ELF EMF magnetic radiation emissions to keep riders safer.

Since the launch of Motorcycle Cancer? along with the motorcycle cancer website, Randall Dale Chipkar has continued to receive worldwide support regarding his global campaign for motorcyclist safety.


Motorcycle Seat ELF EMF Radiation

The Motorcycle Cancer Book exposes the truth. Undetected for so many years motorcycle extremely low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF) radiation is now revealed for its danger right between the legs.

Millions of motorcycles generate potentially carcinogenic ELF EMFs directly into the rider's groin flooding the entire torso. This increases the risk of developing lymphomas, leukemia or cancers of the prostate, testicle, colon, bladder, kidney, liver, pancreas, stomach, etc. Both the heart and immune system are also at risk for disorder or malfunction. Infertility, sterility, erectile dysfunction, impotence, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)-prostate enlargement, urinary problems, infections and loss of libido could also be side effects of excessive ELF EMF radiation penetrating the groin.

Motorcycles consist of oscillating current electrical systems generating anywhere from 10,000 to 70,000 volts of electricity during operation. Millions of motorcycles have excessive ELF EMF producing electrical components located beneath the rider's seat away from the engine heat.

I have read up to 500 milliGauss (mG) of ELF EMF radiation above motorcycle seats penetrating the prostate and groin. In contrast, many doctors raise cancer concerns involving 3 to 5 mG of exposure from other sources. Please refer to excerpts on page 2 below.

I am sharing my story to generate worldwide urgent attention to this devastating discovery. I have met countless avid motorcycle riders diagnosed with similar forms of cancers and disorders. All of these riders had a type of ELF EMF radiation penetrating up from their motorcycle seats.

Every motorcycle that I have tested revealed ELF EMF radiation. Many readings are extremely high levels penetrating directly into the rider. ELF EMF magnetic fields penetrate through all conventional materials including metals such as steel and even lead. Worldwide, various types of electromagnetic energies have been called "invisible death" and "the silent killer". Major organizations now agree that non-ionizing, non-thermal ELF EMF magnetic fields are "potentially carcinogenic". Please refer to excerpts on page 2 below.

The prostate is of major concern. When riding a motorcycle the prostate is one of the closest delicate glands invaded by the radiation and could reveal initial compromise. However, considering metastasis, cancer can spread where it is then detected at the new location. For both men and women riders, the colon and neighboring organs are also of concern for health compromise.

One of the most profound effects of ELF EMF radiation exposure on the body is a decrease in the production and role of melatonin. Melatonin is the body's natural hormone for fighting cancer growth and the gastrointestinal tract is responsible for synthesizing vast amounts of melatonin. FOR MILLIONS OF MOTORCYCLE RIDERS, ONE OF THE MAIN SOURCES OF THE BODY'S CANCER GROWTH INHIBITING HORMONE IS GETTING SHOWERED WITH ELF EMF MAGNETIC FIELD RADIATION!

Melatonin compromise affects cancer growth inhibition at locations anywhere throughout the body.

Motorcycle ELF EMFs also penetrate bone marrow melatonin. Bone marrow melatonin controls oxidation and cytotoxicity for proper assimilation of red blood cells, white blood cells, stem cells, dendritic cells, B-cells, T-cells, NK-cells, etc. which are crucial for immune system defense against pathogens, disease and cancer.

It's not just about cancers. As explained in The Motorcycle Cancer Book, and in the interview posted below, many health disorders are linked to close exposures of different ELF EMF radiations. Concern includes cardiovascular and heart disease, diabetes, etc. I even detected readings up to six feet away from various motorcycle seats. This floods the rider's entire torso including the breast, heart, lungs, lymphatic system, immune system, etc.

Concern resides in motorcycle generated ELF EMF radiation that reaches the breast area. Various types of ELF EMF exposures are linked to interfering with certain breast cancer medication. Please refer to excerpts on page 2 below. ELF EMFs are also linked to hormonal disruption including estrogen elevation, testosterone reduction, melatonin suppression, etc. which increases the risk for breast cancer, testicular cancer, prostate cancer, impotence, etc.

Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

Motorcycle seats have been suspect for causing impotence and erectile dysfunction due to pressure or vibration. However, I feel it cannot be concluded that motorcycle seats are the cause of impotence in motorcyclists.

Bicycling or hard scooter seats on rough roads are more rigorous on the groin rather than modern day cruising seats. Motorcycle rubber-mounted engines, sophisticated suspensions, smooth asphalt and contoured padded seats enhance comfort. Subtle groin vibrations increase blood flow and are actually stimulating not debilitating on our tissues. Regular motorcycle seat vibration is not going to damage penile nerves. The pelvis and perineum are designed for prolonged sitting; they properly displace pressure and any eventual discomfort can be walked off without sustaining biological harm or compromised blood flow.

Causation of impotence or erectile dysfunction involves many issues including lifestyle habits. Unfortunately, I feel there is a much greater issue than pressure or vibration linking impotence to motorcyclists. ELF EMF exposures can disrupt the role  of zinc ions  which are linked to impotence and erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, ELF EMF invasion compromises electromagnetic homeostasis involving neuron function, hormone imbalance, testosterone reduction and adrenal fatigue all of which are linked to impotence and libido loss.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, infertility, sterility, prostatitis, BPH, etc. are linked not to motorcycle seats but what's 'rising up' through them.

To pacify public inquiry of electromagnetic health issues officially named organizations and websites claim "everything is fine" regarding various EMF exposures. However, new reports prove otherwise. People are fed-up with industrial intervention of scientific integrity. Manufacturing of doubt attempts to absolve accountability. In lieu of controversy, it appears that some governments have created an "every man for himself" attitude regarding various types of EM radiations. It's like saying, "Become knowledgeable consumers and make your own decisions." Government capabilities can be limited concerning certain situations. Enter the "Precautionary Principle".

Up to date scientific reports from leading experts such as the world renowned BioInitiative Group prove biologically-based adversity at ELF EMF magnetic radiation exposure levels way below existing inadequate thermal-based standards. Unfortunately this can create a "false sense of well being" for different industries that claim compliance to the standards. Where does that leave the consumer?

Motorcycle "higher frequency" EM emissions, such as radio frequency interference (RFI) also known as electromagnetic interference (EMI), are addressed by industry standard regulations. This is to responsibly control EM interference regarding sensitive electronic equipment, radios, etc. The present standards have no reasonable provisions whatsoever concerning a rider's close exposure to excessive ELF EMFs and their potential health effects. Riders deserve to know the truth.

Please do not confuse high frequency EM emissions with ELF EMF radiation. ELF EMFs possess different characteristics and properties than higher EM frequencies. For example, both the electric and magnetic field components become more distinguishable, detectable and each component is linked to health adversity for various close exposures. ELF EMFs encompass their source. Radiating outwardly, ELF EMFs envelop their origin and invade the surrounding area. The magnetic radiation penetrates through all conventional materials. Properties of regular metals actually assist in their own penetration by cooperating with the ELF EMF magnetic fields. Only highly processed material can dramatically shield us from these cancer-controversial forces.

In comparison to wireless EM radiation (cell phones, Wi-Fi, etc.) ELF EMFs are more penetrating on the human body. For example, when EM high frequencies encounter a barrier of conventional metal such as tin, aluminum, copper, steel, lead, etc., the signals experience bounce or deflection from the surface of the metal. However, when ELF EMF magnetic fields encounter the same metal barrier they penetrate right through it. One can imagine how vulnerable our bodies are to these forces.

Great public concern is now emerging regarding various harmful electromagnetic energies. With this new information and a goal of health prosperity the industry needs to revisit the suggested standards and give motorcycles their own separate guidelines addressing excessive ELF EMF emission.

Integrity must prevail over complacency and conventionalism. The spirit of motorcyclist safety needs to encompass emerging technological health issues to confirm consumer confidence.

Motorcycle police officers deserve our utmost attention regarding these issues due to riding duration. Hopefully, motorcycle police associations worldwide will initiate this essential epidemiology. Certainly we can reciprocate the motto "to serve and protect" for some of our finest.

Denial is anyone's prerogative regarding this motorcycle issue. However, ridicule is not going to solve this emerging health concern. The facts presented on this site cannot be ignored. The melatonin issues alone are alarming. Education and responsible discussion can lead to health correlations that provide further insight. Sharing personal health issues reveals a new kind of courage. More and more riders are speaking out.

You don't have to be a science expert or health professional to understand this concern. Common sense holds the key. Precaution is our best defense. Individual responsibility leads to content accountability. Riders need to pull together to help each other regarding this motorcycle issue. I wrote The Motorcycle Cancer Book to expose the truth. Excessive cancer-controversial radiation penetrating our groins and torsos is something we must take a stand on. Together we can make a difference.

Please sign The Motorcycle Cancer Risk Worldwide Petition for Global Unification of Consumer Product Rational Safety Standards and Labeling regarding ELF EMF Magnetic Radiation Emissions. Together we can encourage the motorcycle industry for safer vehicles.

Let’s put "true freedom" back into riding motorcycles!

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Randall Dale Chipkar

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Electromagnetic Pro-Ionization Principle

When various non-ionizing, non-thermal electromagnetic exposures promote adverse ion/electron bio-effects that affect health over time, such radiations warrant emission identification, pro-ionizing sub-classification, and health risk recognition for public safety conservation.

Randall Dale Chipkar                                   

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- Margaret Mead



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